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The eBook, "ACHIEVING PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY: Activating the stimulus for PERSONAL SUCCESS" is an insight-laden, informative, thought transforming and inspiring pragamatic based eBook with a focus to engender self-conscious actions for the achievement of optimal success across a diversity of endeavours.

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    This eBook shall enhance your productivity with the stimulus to do what you should do, to achieve what you should achieve.

    ... It is a self-stimulant that will activate your capacity to achieve optimal success!

    What you get:

    The book is aimed at stimulating the needed impetus for the application of productive actions, to achieve that, which we want to achieve, especially in terms of personal success, fulfilment and accomplishment.

    Ultimately, the book provides stimulus for engagement in proactive actions and productive activities, to achieve progressive success, and more prosperous living.

    What is it all about?

    The book is a blend of insights and inspirations for pragmatic actions. The essence is to provide the impetus to do more, to achieve more, and to attain greater success by being more productive.

    This book would be especially beneficial for:

    • itinerant careerist;
    • budding and emerging entrepreneurs;
    • early/mid- career professionals;
    • small enterprise owners;
    • infopreneurs & emerging associates/leaders in management;
    • special service providers and consultants;
    • self-directed employees;
    • social development /NGO advocates;
    • + anyone with the drive and propensity to achieve more out of life, etc.

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